What Stuff Does

In a show of dazzling skills, expert scientific analysis and tongue-in-cheek commentary, What Stuff Does uncovers the rich and playful opportunities for us all when we start to understand how the physical world works. Part TEDtalk, part stand-up comedy, part mesmerising circus act, this is an utterly unique and hilarious one-man show.

Robin Dale is a professional juggler, including performing with Gandini Juggling, and a university research scientist in demand as a speaker at international conferences. This is his first show.


… utterly intellectually compelling but just as utterly hilarious … Whatever the stuff in this show does – it is very, very good.

Review – Exeunt Magazine

…not only is Dale a talented juggler, but also a clever theatre-maker too.

Review – The Circus Diaries

a brilliantly eloquent, charming and stylish exploration of body, object, rhythm and pace led by someone who has wonderful control of his material, tools and audience.

Review – B 24/7

Imagine Professor Brian Cox crossed with Baywatch but with juggling and you’ve pretty much got What Does Stuff Do? … an absolute idiosyncratic gem

Review – The Recs