The Amazing Flea Circus in a Suitcase

Witness feats of mind-boggling bravery and breath-taking beauty – acrobatics, trapeze, high wire and more! Be astounded by the world’s tiniest trained circus performers and their remarkable acts! Meet these teeny fleas, the stars of The Amazing Flea Circus in a Suitcase. This extraordinary fast-paced show is mobile in the style of the travelling players who once roamed from village to village, enthralling and entertaining the crowds.

15-minute pop-up outdoor or indoor vintage-style family show repeated throughout the day.

Flea Master Jay has worked in children’s theatre for over twenty years, touring the country with high quality shows featuring puppetry, magic and storytelling. He’s famous for TV series Living with a Fairy, adapted from his live show. With a love of play, magic and wonder, Jay trained up his Flea Circus to capture children’s imaginations and bring a historic form of entertainment into the 21st century.

What people say

Jay had them entranced for the entire show. All the kids and adults were talking about it after.

Absolutely positively ecstatically brilliant!