Shopfront Circus

Bringing safe, socially distance, exciting circus to your shopping

Shopfront Circus brings your shopping street back to life after lockdown. It uses empty and temporarily abandoned shop fronts as circus performance venues, bringing astounding live acts to the heart of communities in the tradition of a travelling circus.

We animate empty windows with short circus acts focusing attention on and animating these empty spaces. Each act is around five minutes long, performed behind the glass window, at safe social distancing from the audience.

We believe circus is an ideal medium for Shopfront performance. It’s largely non-verbal and highly visual – there’s no need for complicated sound systems. The acts can be short – four minutes would be a typical circus act – allowing for a large number of small audiences. Circus is also totally accessible – no one, of any age, is not going to understand what’s going on.

Shopfront Circus is very flexible and can easily echo and reflect its setting. For example, we juggled cones in an abandoned ice cream parlour. It brings footfall back to your high street and powerfully supports the regeneration of local businesses and retail. 

Is it safe?

With short acts, in different windows around town, crowds can be kept minimal and moving. We can mark out ‘Ringside Seats’ on the pavement to ensure distance between audience members. At all times we would consult expert safety advice.

What people say

The performers were fabulous – really high quality and polished. There was great engagement with passers by.

Festival of Thrift, Redcar