Nature’s Secret Circus Workshops

Environmental workshops for young people (aged 8-14), taking place in their local landscape

In Nature’s Secret Circus, young people are guided by an environmental scientist and two circus tutors to create acrobat shapes and movements in response to their local landscape – whether a forest, lake, beach, hill or park. It’s capturing the world around them, but not with words on the page or pen in a sketchbook, but through circus tricks.

There are beguiling patterns, intriguing shapes, extraordinary contours woven through nature – the wind whipping the long grass in circles, the arch of a branch over a stream, the balancing of two rocks on top of each other. The circus is full of patterns too – the rings drawn by the hula hoop, a tumbler’s backflip, one acrobat balancing on another’s shoulder. How can we create circus shapes inspired by this natural world about us? How can we capture these natural patterns, not with pens, but with our bodies?

Nature’s Secret Circus workshops are usually 2.5 hours long for a maximum of 16 young people.

Nature's Secret Circus