Juanita’s Big Problem

Juanita the Cleaner has been collecting her rubbish for one whole year. But what can she do with this mountain of plastic? She needs your help. In 45 minutes of hilarious climate-saving clowning, Europe’s leading female clown Angelica Santander tackles plastic pollution with dance, circus and several bin loads of humour.

Juanita wants to lift the lid on your recycling bin. What should we do with all this plastic? Where does all that plastic we recycle actually go? What can we do to stop it? Juanita can’t answer these questions on her own – she needs you to help her. So she invites the audience to assist in fulfilling her quest for a plastic-free world. Using clowning, plastic pollution is tackled in an provocative, entertaining and ridiculous way. An important, urgent and utterly hilarious show full of hope for our future. Juanita’s Big Problem is an interactive show with the audience coming up with all the best answers.

Make ecobricks with Juanita and friends! Juanita can bring ecobrick-making workshops to your library, school and venue running up to the show, positively preparing the audience to be young activists on behalf of the environment.

Do you want your beach, park or street to be rid of litter? Juanita can bring a Clown-led Clean Up to you, leading children, adults and all through the streets, along the sand, through the grass in search of any litter left behind. We can provide litter pickers, gloves and hi-vis vests. All you need to bring is a keen eye.


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