Am I Irish Yet?

From being the Bombing Irish of Mrs Thatcher’s era to a reviled Plastic Paddy back home in Mayo, bestselling author Kate Kerrigan hilariously reveals what it takes to finally fit in small town Ireland in her taboo-breaking one-woman show. Am I Irish Yet? is a fabulously funny, bitter sweet journey into the dreams and disasters of every second generation kid who grew up in London calling somewhere else home.

What People Say

An astonishing performance.

The unexpected highlight of our 2022 program.

The story stayed with me for days.

I’m not Irish but the themes Kate shared really resonated with me. Anyone who has faced the silent and sometimes hostile treatment of being different from the group will understand. A wonderful show.

A hilarious, relatable, phenomenal show.

Brilliant. So well-crafted, a most accomplished performer. Funny, honest and poignant. The audience loved it.

Mary Kenny, columnist, Irish Independent

Fantastic, very funny and very moving

Stephen Mangan – Comedian


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