Science on Stilts

Do you look up to scientists? Well now you really can! Science on Stilts is a walkabout show where real life scientists – who are also accomplished stiltwalkers – wander through a festival, along a street or across a park, doing simple science experiments. […]

Out of the Blu

All the way from Turin! Wash away your troubles with the wonderfully subversive and interactive circus show by leading Italian female clown Franmarto all about doing the laundry. […]

Fruity n’ Dishy

Fruity is a juggler, Dishy a plate spinner. And fruity loves to juggle real fruit while Dishy spins his plates… And everyone can have a go at doing it themselves. […]

Fishy n’ Dishy

Fishy juggles shells and Dishy spins plates. Meet the pair and have a go at doing it yourself, while finding out all about the plight of our oceans […]

Juanita’s Big Problem

Juanita - Dancing in the Streets

You have to listen to Juanita’s Talk – because it’s time we cleaned up our act!
Juanita’s Talk is an hour-long interactive environmental show for the whole family by Ireland’s leading female clown Angelica Santander. […]

Secret Garden Circus

Circus250 transforms your venue’s garden into Secret Garden Circus, a magical kingdom full of wonderous acts and astonishing characters. […]

Nature’s Secret Circus Workshops

In Nature’s Secret Circus, young people are guided by an environmental scientist and two circus tutors to create acrobat shapes and movements in response to their local landscape – whether a forest, lake, beach, hill or park. […]

Am I Irish Yet?

Am I Irish Yet? banner

Am I Irish Yet? is a one-woman show by author Kate Kerrigan, chronicling a life spent searching for who she is. Born and raised in London, Kate moved to Ireland in the 90s. 35 years on, with a family and career rooted in Ireland […]

The Amazing Flea Circus in a Suitcase

Witness feats of mind-boggling bravery and breath-taking beauty – acrobatics, trapeze, high wire and more! Be astounded by the world’s tiniest trained circus performers and their remarkable acts! […]

StrongWomen Science

SWS Edinburgh Science Fest Apr 2019 photo credit Ian Georgeson Courtesy of Circus250

StrongWomen Science is a circus science show for children and families starring two women scientists turned circus performers. Aoife Raleigh is an engineer, Maria Corcoran an environmental scientist. […]

Meet My Circus Family

Meet My Circus Family is designed to break down barriers, build bridges of understanding, and support families of children of the circus community and visiting families children into warm, joyful and safe conversations. […]

Daring Dames Cabaret

Circus250 specialises in female performers. For StrongWomen Circus, we create an all-female cast of astounding acts and feats of strength. […]

Bespoke Events

Circus250 is an experienced production company that loves to work with venues, organisations, charities, businesses and all sorts of people on bringing their special story alive through circus. […]

Frame – Circus for Drawing

Frame is a live drawing experience for visitors in galleries, with real circus acts. Visitors are supported by an artist throughout. You don’t need any drawing experience. Frame is for everyone, of any age. […]