Women in Circus – short film

Oh, she floats through the air with the greatest of ease,
This daring young girl on the flying trapeze

Circus250 is proud to present Women in Circus, a short film on female circus artistes past and present. Watch the film here:

A unique soundtrack, rewriting the famous 19th century popular song The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze, accompanies the filmputting women back in the spotlight on the bar, highwire, aerial hoop, straps, silks, corde lisse …

Filming Women in Circus – from left to right Rebecca Truman, Dea Birkett, Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Yasmin Smart, Nell Gifford

Women in Circus presents an extraordinary cast of historic and contemporary women, from 19th century tightrope walkers to today’s ringmistresses. It features, in live performance, the most daring Yasmine Smart, the most astonishing Nell Gifford, the most talented Rebecca Truman, the most clever Dr Dea Birkett and the one and only Professor Vanessa Toulmin.

A full resolution version of the film is available in different formats for a small administration fee.