Meet My Circus Family

A facilitated informal family session for museums, libraries and community centres

Meet My Circus Family is an informal two hour session (time flexible) when visiting families meet circus families.

Circus250 provides two circus families (including children) – usually one traditional and one contemporary – who talk informally about their lives, show their costumes and props, and demonstrate some of their small tricks. Visiting families are invited to chat with them, and handle their props and costumes, in a casual setting. Many children have never met travelling families as they are rarely schooled together.

Meet My Circus Family is designed to break down barriers, builds bridges of understanding, and support families of children of the circus community and visiting families children into warm, joyful and safe conversations.

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It was a real honour having each of the families visit and it was a really special opportunity for our family visitors.

Museum of London

It was a unique opportunity for circus families and family visitors to share experiences. It’s a rare chance to have personal chats between circus children and adults, and children who might not otherwise meet circus families. Real questions were asked – Where do you go to school? What’s it like working with your Mum? How do you keep in touch with friends? One of the circus children got on so well with some visiting children that after the session they went off and explored the museum together and exchanged phone numbers. Meet My Circus Family build bridges and understanding between circus and non circus communities. The Museum was a perfect place for this to happen.