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Circus250 was the coordinating body for the promotion and dissemination of all the fabulous events throughout the UK and Ireland celebrating 250 years of circus in 2018. It was a huge joy to work with so many inspiring, creative and pioneering artists, curators, event managers, schools, libraries, performers, directors, producers and more… Thank you all, and see you down the road!

Photo credit: Lost in Translation circus performing on London’s South Bank, right by the spot of the very first circus. Photographer Pete Maclaine.

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#Circus250 in Scotland

Is Scotland included in Circus250?
Our promotional activities cover England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but of course Scotland has significant circus history too (did you know, John Bill Ricketts, the man who took circus to America, was established first at the Circus Royal in Edinburgh?) […]


Our list of all the people and organisations that signed up for free as official partners during our 2018 celebrations […]

News Archive

250 years ago this year, showman, entrepreneur and equestrian Philip Astley drew out a ring on an abandoned patch of land in London’s Waterloo, and went on to gather together a series of astounding physical acts – bareback riders, jugglers, […]


What’s so special about 2018 and circus?
The first ever modern circus was invented by Philip Astley in the centre of London. 2018 marks 250 years since he first launched into the entertainments business in 1768. […]

#Circus250 Ireland

The first ever circus was invented by Philip Astley in 1768, in the centre of London. 2018 marks 250 years since that date. The first place Astley travelled outside the UK capital was to Dublin – bringing circus to Ireland before anywhere else. […]