Am I Irish Yet? Poster

From being the Bombing Irish of Mrs Thatcher's era to a reviled Plastic Paddy back home in Ireland, bestselling author Kate Kerrigan hilariously reveals the highs, the sorrows and laugh out loud joys of growing up in London whilst calling somewhere else home.


Funny, poignant, brilliant

Brilliant. So well-crafted, a most accomplished performer. The audience loved it.

Am I Irish Yet?

June 3rd - June 14th 2024 at 7.30pm

The Claddagh Ring Pub
10 Church Road
London NW4 4EA

Cast: Kate Kerrigan

Producer/Director: Kevin Toolis

Executive Producer: Dea Birkett

Performance 75 mins. No interval.

Trigger warnings:  Strong language, references to terrorism,  sound effects.

Kate will be selling her books after the show.

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A Circus250 Production in the Daring Dames series – new writing by fierce women.