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Gratitude to the National Fairground and Circus Archive, University of Sheffield, for their continued support with their enormous expertise and insightful comment throughout Circus250’s journey. Especial thanks to Sir Peter Blake for designing the wonderful Circus250 logo. Thanks to the original Circus250 advisory board including Nicolas Young (Circomedia), Kate Shane (Blackpool Tower), Truda Spruyt (Four … Read more

Our Circus250 Heritage

How did Circus250 begin? The best ideas are born in a circus trailer, in the rare moment of quiet between shows. You’re waiting for a blast from the ringmaster’s whistle for the 15-minute countdown. Your make-up is done, your costume checked. You’re about to step out from your tiny home, enter through the ring doors … Read more

Our Circus250 Team

Our Circus250 Team Onstage and behind the scenes


#Circus250 is set to be a brilliant celebration of all things circus, a quarter of a millennium after the form began right here in the UK. There are many myths and rumours that surround the history of circus and its continued evolution […]
H"Astley’s Amphitheatre" colored plate from Microcosm of London, 1808.


250 years ago, on an abandoned patch of land near London’s Waterloo, showman, entrepreneur and equestrian rider Philip Astley drew out a circle in the ground and filled it with astounding physical acts. This spectacle was the world’s very first circus. […]